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Product Overview

Product Description, Applications:
Madrax bicycle racks offer parking solutions for both interior and exterior use. Offered in a wide selection of colors, styles, and contemporary and traditional designs, Madrax bicycle racks are hand shaped, welded, assembled and finished one at a time by skilled craftspeople.

Models for high volume applications, heavy-duty applications and for locations where security is a particular concern are available. Capacity per rack ranges from 1–21, according to model; some racks can be combined to increase capacity. Applications include schools, businesses, college campuses, malls, parks, public buildings, apartments and personal residences.

    Types and styles include:
  • ‘U’ racks
  • Bollard with bike rack
  • Free standing
  • Horizontal stacked system
  • Iron fence style
  • Key racks
  • Serpentine-type stands
  • Stand-alone bollards
  • Traditional stands
  • Vertical wall mounts
  • Whimsical sculptures
  • Winder styles
  • Three styles of “Advocate” racks—10% of proceeds go to the Bike Federation to advocate for cycling

Bike lockers are also available for heavy-duty and security applications and to provide protection from weathering. Locker options include padlock locking handles, pop-out T-handles with key locks, locker numbers, helmet/clothes hooks and perforated doors.

    Installation methods include:
  • In-ground
  • ‘U’-Rack—Surface flange mount
  • Surface flange mount
  • Surface gusset mount
  • Removable mount
  • Surface mount with grout cover set
  • In-ground mount with grout cover set
  • Surface mount fasteners
  • Surface mount rails

    Finishes: Racks and lockers are available in galvanized, stainless steel, electro-polish stainless steel and powder coat finishes according to model. Powder coat finishes are offered in a selection of 15 standard color choices; custom colors are also available. A special galvanized and powder coated Mad Shield finish is also available and comes standard with a five-year warranty.

      Features and Benefits
    • Available in over 48 standard models
    • Custom designs also offered
    • Models available to meet a variety of budget requirements
    • Most models can ship via UPS or FedEx
    • Skateboard racks also available

      Madrax's Green Philosophy:

    • Bike Green—making biking an integral part of lives
    • Walk Green—A commitment to creating pedestrian-friendly spaces
    • Build Green—an entire supply chain approach to green; check our website for complete details
    • Live Green—respecting the earth that we live upon