Milan Furniture Fair

a view through the light space venue in ventura lambrate, a 15,070-square-foot section of the warehouse that hosted the designersblock exhibition.

Milan Furniture Fair

It was the year of the ugly–beautiful at the Milan Furniture Fair, the world’s largest design expo.

ARCHITECT visits the Salone Internazionale del Mobile design expo.

the dutch standard's wooden moon chair added a little 2001: a space odyssey to the burgeoning new salone neighborhood called ventura lambrate.


Furniture design from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.

vogelstad (bird city) is avian architecture modeled on a circuit board by design academy eindhoven graduate eveline visser who scaled each of the 33 nesting boxes for a different species.,

Installations and Exhibits

Installations and exhibits from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.

blackbody is pushing the flat-panel lighting envelope with its oled designs. its fiera stand showcased an illuminated dress and these bristling oled chandeliers called the big bang.


New lighting from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.


New objects and materials from the 2011 Milan Furniture Fair.



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