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  • Princeton Researchers Transform Light into a Crystalline Solid

    The discovery changes the material state of light from waves to particles.

    Changing the material state of light from waves to particles allows the team to study atomic behavior with greater accuracy and could help develop more effective sensors and faster computers.

    ARCHITECT September 17, 2014

  • Caltech Researchers Develop a Flexible Ceramic

    Reducing the ceramic material's natural flaws to a nanoscopic scale amplifies its strength.

    Capable of recovering its shape after being compressed to half of its original size, the flexible material could have applications in resilient architecture.

    ARCHITECT September 15, 2014

  • Scientists in Seoul Develop a Textile-Based Organic Photovoltaic

    The organic solar cell can be integrated with architecture and clothing.

    Kyung Hee University researchers, in partnership with Samsung, have developed a flexible organic solar cell that can be integrated with architectural fabrics and clothing textiles.

    ARCHITECT September 12, 2014

  • Architecture that Refines the Look of Infrastructure

    A perforated, backlit, double-layer façade revamps the conventional look of infrastructure.

    The double-skin facade on a new waste-treatment plant in Denmark is perforated for airflow and features illumination that mimics the swift rise and gradual dimming of an industrial flame.

    ARCHITECT September 10, 2014

  • Harvard Researchers Create a Nature-Inspired Robotic Swarm

    The technology organizes micro-scaled machines into preset shapes.

    A team of engineers and scientists at the university's Wyss Institute and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences emulates natural flocking with technology that allows small robots to self-organize into preset shapes.

    ARCHITECT September 05, 2014

  • Michigan State University Researchers Develop a Transparent Solar Collector

    The polymer film could facilitate photovoltaic facades without sacrificing views.

    A team of engineers and scientists have created a photovoltaic polymer film that can be applied on building glazing without obstructing views out.

    ARCHITECT September 03, 2014


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Blaine Brownell

Blaine Brownell

Architect and materials researcher Blaine Brownell, AIA, is the author of the three Transmaterial books (2006, 2008, 2010), which provide designers with a steady flow of inspiration—a 21st-century, high-tech Grammar of Ornament. The recipient of a Fulbright fellowship for 2006–07, Blaine researched contemporary Japanese material innovations at the Tokyo University of Science. He currently teaches architecture and co-directs the M.S. in Sustainable Design program at the University of Minnesota. His book Matter in the Floating World was published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2011.



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