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NEMCO Food Equipment, Ltd.



NEMCO Food Equipment, Ltd.

301 Meuse Argonne St.
Hicksville, OH 43526-1143
(419) 542-7751
(800) 782-6761
(419) 542-6690

NEMCO Food Equipment, Ltd. Trade Names

  • BusBoy®

  • Connolly Roll-A-Grill®

  • Easy Apple Corer™

  • Easy Cheese Blocker™

  • Easy Cheeser™

  • Easy Chopper™

  • Easy Chopper II™

  • Easy Flowering Onion™

  • Easy FryKutter™

  • Easy Grill Scraper™

  • Easy Juicer™

  • Easy LettuceKutter™

  • Easy Onion Slicer™

  • Easy Slicer™

  • Easy Tomato Slicer™

  • Easy Tuna Press™

  • Easy Wedger™

  • Power Shell Separator™

  • ProShucker®

  • Ribbon Fry™

  • ShrimpPrep RC-2001®

  • ShrimpPro 2000®

  • Spiral Fry™


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