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Product Overview

Designer Series Cornice Products

Beautifully sculptured aluminum cornice trims, soffits, and moldings are available in a variety of interchanging profiles allowing custom designed cornices. Additionally, there are fifteen predesigned fully-detailed cornices.

Designed to complement Perimeter System’s commercial gutter systems or to be used as an architectural feature, these innovative trims are beautiful, durable, and cost effective.

Designer Series Commercial Gutter Systems

Distinctive and pre-engineered gutter products to offset educational, financial, churches and stately homes.

Designed to withstand heavy snow and ice conditions, these commercial gutters feature four sculptured fascia profiles, a concealed gutter liner, heavy duty support brackets and straps. In addition, these commercial gutters also feature internal drains that eliminate exposed downspouts.

Industrial Series Commercial Gutter Systems

These rugged pre-engineered gutters feature performance, durability and an extra- large capacity. Ideal for shopping malls, strip centers, military installations and manufacturing facilities.

Industrial and Commercial Series Drainware

This large selection of downspouts for the engineered gutter systems. Available in heavy extrusions for areas subject to abuse and in light gauge ornamental round downspouts. Accessories include downspout decorative conductor heads, wall brackets, and bumper guards.

Architectural Copings and Gravel Stops

The Press-Loc® coping series and gravel stops have long been popular with both architects and contractors due to their simple, high performance design. These products are designed to accommodate virtually all roofing membranes and carry some of the highest Factory Mutual ratings available in the industry.

Custom Architectural Fabrications

Our fabrication facilities and skilled craftsmen are second to none. Often we produce custom architectural building elements such as cornice brackets and other eave decorations. Contact us with details for custom fabrication.