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Product Overview

Plastatech Engineering, Ltd., manufactures HIGH-POINT® architectural fabrics using the same formulation established for long lasting single ply roofing.

With proven strength, flexibility and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, UV, mildew and other harsh environmental exposure, HIGH-POINT architectural fabrics can be used to construct frame and air supported structures including:

  • Military shelters
  • Temporary warehouses
  • Storage domes
  • Hangars
  • Temporary shelters
  • Agriculture storage liners
  • Garages

Construction, Materials, Finishes
Available in 18 oz and 24 oz weights, HIGH-POINT architectural fabrics are comprised of an opaque or semitranslucent weft-inserted polyester base fabric with a specially developed cross-linked polyurethane topcoat.

The standard colors for HIGH-POINT architectural fabrics are white and tan. Contact Plastatech Engineering, Ltd., for information about custom colors.

Features, Advantages

  • Biaxial strength offers flexibility for contoured design structures
  • High thread count scrim resists tear initiation and spreading to keep structures intact
  • Water-repellent scrim obstructs the absorption of water into the fabric and helps eliminate wicking
  • Special coated yarns shield against mildew and unhealthy bacterial growth
  • Polyurethane finish offers exceptional UV resistance and provides a clean, colorfast product
  • HIGH-POINT architectural fabrics have tested to U.S. and international standards for optimal fire protection