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Product Overview

Plastatech Engineering, Ltd., manufactures PlastaFlex® Geomembranes to meet long-term durability and resilience requirements for waste management, chemical processing, natural gas and aquaculture industries. Available in several grades, the high performance geomembranes are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environmental exposure.

Product Description, Applications

PlastaFlex IG
PlastaFlex IG (Industrial Grade) Geomembranes offer the flexibility and tensile strength required for high stress applications with irregular shapes and contours:

  • Landfill liners
  • Landfill caps
  • Secondary containment
  • Waste water containment
  • Containment ponds

PlastaFlex PW
PlastaFlex PW (Potable Water) Geomembranes are manufactured to meet the standards for NSF drinking water system components and are approved for use in tanks as small as 100 gallons (378.4 L).

PlastaFlex FG
PlastaFlex FG (Fish Grade) Geomembranes are high performance water containment liners that do not contain or release chemicals harmful to fish. They are designed specifically for use in:

  • Fisheries
  • Hatcheries
  • Food processing
  • Cistern liners
  • Recreational fish ponds

PlastaFlex OR
PlastaFlex OR Geomembranes provide impervious protection from exposure to oils, fuels, and other harsh chemicals typically found in industrial and oil refinery settings, including:

  • Oil spill booms
  • Secondary containment for jet fuel
  • Chemical containment
  • Containment ponds
  • Refineries
  • Pipe lining

PlastaFlex Tech 5® and Tech 10®
Tech 5 and Tech 10 Geomembranes are chemically engineered and reinforced to deliver durable, long term environmental protection for applications including:

  • Waste water containment
  • Secondary containment
  • Secondary lining
  • Landfill cover
  • Containment ponds

Construction, Materials, Finishes
PlastaFlex liners are comprised of flexible single-ply, reinforced or non-reinforced, coated vinyl. Standard colors for PlastaFlex liners are white and gray. Contact the manufacturer for information about custom colors.

Features, Advantages

  • Easy to handle and install in areas with irregular shapes and contours
  • High resistance to UV, chemicals, and extreme weather
  • Durable for exposed and covered applications and long term design performance
  • Ability to lay flat and square helps eliminate edge wrinkles and simplifies seam sealing
  • Does not wick or delaminate
  • Panels can be joined using chemical, dielectric or heat welded seams
  • Seams are designed to withstand dead loads