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Product Overview

Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd. is an industry leader in decorative, high strength, metal bike racks, bike-parking bollards, bicycle storage lockers that are innovative, practical and designed to enhance a wide range of environments.

With a vast supply of commercial bicycle storage systems available, Reliance Foundry is sure to have the perfect option for your bike parking requirements. All of our products are manufactured using quality steel & iron materials; they are strong, durable and weather resistant - and best of all, recyclable.

All bike parking products are available in several standard, powder-coated colors. Some of our bike bollards and racks can be ordered in stainless steel, and Reliance Foundry offers various mounting options for all of our cycle storage products.


Commercial bike racks by Reliance Foundry provide businesses and communities the opportunity to showcase their commitment to the environment and healthy lifestyles. Crucial to modern streetscapes, Reliance Foundry’s bike storage racks are competitively-priced and easy to install. With a catalog that features both innovative and functional models, Reliance Foundry offers bike racks that compliment every architectural approach.


  • Steel and stainless steel models available
  • Superior Durability
  • Innovative Design
  • Versatile Style
  • Easy to install
  • Decorative squared or rounded arms available

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Reliance Foundry offers a full line of bike bollards, in a selection of standard styles and color choices. Manufactured in steel, stainless steel or cast ductile iron, they are offer convenient bicycle parking while protecting pedestrians and buildings from intruding vehicles.

Reliance Foundry bike bollards feature long, low-maintenance service lives and can be installed on new concrete, existing concrete, asphalt, ground and other surfaces. A wide variety of sizes and styles are available, and with many standard models readily available from stock.


  • Steel, stainless steel or iron models
  • Decorative squared or rounded arms available
  • Domed, nautical, flat-style or ball-shaped top castings available
  • Several models available with optional fluted or non-fluted bases
  • Fixed or removable mounting configurations
  • Several model can serve as stand-alone bike parking amenities or as decorative covers for steel security pipe bollards

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Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers provide an incredible level of weather-resistant durability and protection from theft and vandalism. They mix a functional, secure design with stylish aesthetics that make them the ideal bike parking solution for areas where secure, extended storage is required. By virtually eliminating theft and vandalism, Reliance Foundry’s bike lockers provide the highest standard in bicycle security and increase accessibility. Their stylish design compliments surrounding architecture and promotes a business’ commitment to green initiatives and healthy lifestyles.

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