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Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

Safety Rail Source is a single source supplier of top of the line, pre-engineered safety products. With systems for roof edge and roof hatch railing, skylight railings and screens, portable railings and barricades, Safety Rail Source provides a complete line of projects to help satisfy OSHA, ADA and building code requirements.

Roof hatches provide access to the roof of a building, so equipment can be replaced or serviced. Safety Rail Source offers OSHA-compliant roof hatches with pre-punched holes to simplify installation. The pre-punched holes move the railing from hatch curb to counter flashing, helping to eliminate roof membrane penetration and warranty violation. A complete roof hatch system from Safety Rail Source can be installed in approximately one hour.

Features, Advantages

  • Pre-punched holes simplify installation
  • Moving the railing to the counter flashing helps eliminate roof membrane penetration
  • Safety Rail Source is a one-source supplier of the safety rail system components
  • Helps satisfy OSHA requirements