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Product Overview

The SmartDitch system is available in a range of sizes. All have excellent flow characteristics:

  • 12” Depth trapezoidal SmartDitch is for light to moderate irrigation and drainage applications, and can handle up to 38.90 cfs, and 19.53 fps at a 20% slope.
  • 24” Depth trapezoidal SmartDitch is slightly larger and can handle up to 17 5 cfs, and 28.2 fps at a 20% slope.
  • The 24” Depth semi-circular SmartDitch is a good fit for terraced drainage applications. This style of ditch can handle 25.91cfs, and 16.66 fps at a 20% slope.
  • The MegaDitch™ is infinitely expandable to practically any size channel width and height.
  • MegaDitch is an interlocking sheet-lining system that allows the contractor to build the channel's base and walls to virtually any width and height. This is the perfect rehabilitation solution for large irrigation and drainage canals.

Speciality Fittings
    A wide range of fittings are also available. These include:
    • Bulkhead
    • Tees
    • Flared End Sections
    • Reducers (transition sections)
    • Directional Gates

    Typical Applications
    • Landfill Drainage and Erosion Control
    • D.O.T. Highway Overpass Drainage Channels
    • Irrigation Ditches and Channels
    • Mine Drainage Systems
    • Roadside Ditches
    • Industrial Site Run Off
    • Residential Stormwater Channels
    • Slope Stabilization Channels
    • Retention Pond Bottom Channels
    • On-site Dewatering Channels