Spring 2010 PSG


System Products

the leviton sector intelligent ballast and lighting control is a three-in-one integrated system that combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and dimming control, helping installers to save wiring time and end users to save energy. sector uses the same wiring type for all components and accessories in the suite, and all components are on a single bus with accessories connected to the network rather than to the ballast. using infrared and ultrasonic technologies, the ceiling-mounted multi-technology occupancy sensor (right) reduces energy costs 34% to 60% by employing self-adjusting, smart, or customized settings to extinguish lights when a room is not in use. the sector network photocell measures ambient light levels to reduce unnecessary artificial lighting, and the sector 5-button digital switch (left) manually controls dimmable and nondimmable lighting. leviton.com

Leviton Sector

A ballast and lighting control system combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and dimming control.

isis has been redesigned by big ass fans to include 10 aerodynamic winglets, which minimize drag, increase airflow, and maximize efficiency. weighing less than 100 pounds, isis is 8' to 10' in diameter and is designed for commercial spaces. it can be installed in areas with ceilings as low as 12' and has a near-silent mover that operates at 40 dba at maximum speed. in addition to its own efficient operation, isis also aids in energy conservation by reducing the workload of heating and cooling systems, covering nine times the area of a 52" ceiling fan. it has a clear-anodized-aluminum finish with three standard colors, white, black, and chestnut. bigassfans.com/isis

Big Ass Fans Isis

This fan has been redesigned with 10 aerodynamic winglets to increase airflow and maximize efficiency.

broan-nutones solar-powered attic ventilator (spav) begins working at first light instead of waiting until it detects a high temperature, allowing it to remove moisture produced by cool overnight air and to remove heat before temperatures get too high. the unit requires no electricity or fuel, emits no pollutants, and qualifies for a federal tax rebate of up to 30% of its cost. spavs solar panel is made of high-strength tempered glass that can withstand golf ballsized hail and hurricane force winds of up to 140 miles per hour and it wont discolor or warp. it is also sensitive to low light levels and can lie flat on the roof. spavs trim comes in black, brown, or weather wood. broan.com

Broan-NuTone Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator

This ventilator starts working at first light, instead of waiting for a high temperature.

nitropanel from action floor systems is a quick-assembly, panel-based athletic portable floor system. made of northern hard maple, the durable sports surface features expansion ridge technology to accommodate expansion. the systems subfloor has stringers of laminated veneer lumber with exposure 1rated four-ply, 15/32"-thick plywood. concealed laser-cut and precision-formed steel assembly brackets, along with a four-sided integral tongue-and-groove system, ensure exact panel alignment. tapered steel assembly pins secure panels together. fiba-certified, nitropanel meets or exceeds requirements for amateur, international, and professional applications. actionfloors.com

Action Floor Systems NitroPanel

Made of northern hard maple, this is a quick-assembly, panel-based athletic floor system.

liqui-hard ultra concrete densifier and chemical hardener from w.r. meadows is a ready-to-use, colorless liquid that hardens and dust-proofs concrete at a molecular level. a surface finished with the product exhibits improved abrasion and chemical resistance, durability, and sheen compared to untreated concrete. as liqui-hard ultra penetrates into the concrete surface, a chemical reaction takes place, producing a byproduct that fills in the pores of the concrete one molecule at a time, eliminating dusting and pitting. with no brushing or rinsing required, the water-based, zero-voc product is sprayed on and left moist on the surface of concrete for 20 minutes. wrmeadows.com

W.R. Meadows Liqui-Hard Ultra

Concrete densifier hardens concrete at a molecular level.

designed for applications for which regular solar panels would look inappropriate, tegolasolare tiles from area industrie ceramiche are composed of red clay and look like traditional roof tiles. a solar panel consisting of four photovoltaic cells is installed on each tile, and then the tile is installed normally. panels are connected to create a photovoltaic field, which can cover the roof or be as large or small as needed. the company says 100 tiles can produce 1 kw of energy. the photovoltaic panels are interchangeable and can be integrated with the tile in stages. damaged panels can be replaced if necessary and more efficient panels can be fitted over time. areaindustrie.it

Area Industrie Ceramiche Tegolasolare

Solar panels composed of red clay designed to look like traditional roof tiles.

the petra double sink from mti whirlpools has a solid-surface construction and a minimalist design. a complement to the petra tub, the sink looks and feels like natural stone. its surface is nonporous, so it is naturally resistant to stains and can be cleaned with nonabrasive household cleaners. it is made of mtis engineered solid-surface material, a mixture of ground minerals and binding agents that are liquefied, poured, and hardened. the sink measures 47-1/2" long by 14" wide by 5-1/8" deep. it features one-piece construction and is available in white and biscuit in either a matte or gloss finish. petra can be installed vessel-style on top of a vanity or ordered as a semi-recessed version. mtiwhirlpools.com

MTI Whirlpools Petra Double Sink

With a minimalist design, the sinks looks and feels like natural stone.

the sanicubic classic lifting station from sfa saniflo can accommodate multiple fixtures in a house or small commercial structure. the grinder system handles 25 gallons of effluent per minute per 36' drainage run. measuring 23-3/4" wide by 19-1/4" deep by 16-1/2" tall, the unit consists of two 1-horsepower motors housed in a plastic enclosure. each independent grinder has a rotating cutting blade to handle solids from toilets, tubs and showers, sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers. suitable applications include converting a commercial building into a residential space and commercial projects with multiple plumbing fixtures. saniflo.com

SFA Saniflo Sanicubic Classic

A lifting station with two motors that can handle 25 gallons of effluent per minute.

h2option from american standard is a dual-flush toilet with jetted bowl cleaning. the siphonic toilet uses 1 gallon of water on the low setting. when the user flushes h2option, some of the water is instantly diverted to the rim, where there are a series of chambers. the air in the chambers pushes the water forcefully out into the bowl. combined with the force of the rest of the water entering the bowl, a strong siphon is created, removing all waste and paper. the bowl has a normal slope with a generous water spot. the h2option two-piece dual flush toilet is available in a variety of styles that include right height elongated, elongated, and round front, in white, bone, and linen. americanstandard.com

American Standard H2Option

A new dual-flush toilet with jetted bowl cleaning.

an alternative to traditional aluminum hollow metal frames for fire-rated applications, the fireframes aluminum series from technical glass products features custom extrusions and frames can be factory finished to match almost any color scheme. the system combines aluminum frames and doors with pilkington pyrostop glass to form a barrier against radiant and conductive heat transfer, allowing wide areas of glazing in fire separations. the system carries a 60-minute fire rating as a wall assembly and may offer 20-, 45-, or 60-minute ratings for doors. it also helps maintain clear lines of sight throughout interior spaces, permitting natural light to reach far into a building. fireglass.com

Technical Glass Products Fireframes Aluminum Series

Custom frames for fire-rated applications that can be factory finished to almost any color scheme.

uponors climate control network system is a modular, integrated hardware and software package that connects a buildings heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning components to a single system, offering energy efficiency, control, and monitoring. the system allows users to control climate settings via wall thermostats or access the entire system via an optional touchpanel interface, an on-site computer, or remotely from the internet. the wall sensor is a white, flat, circular piece that fits into a 1-3/4" hole, and the systems slim flush-mount thermostats come in two models: horizontal and vertical. optional features include the ability to transfer control to any thermostat in a group. uponor-usa.com

Uponor Climate Control Network System

This system allows users to control the settings via thermostats or via a touchpanel.

usgs sheetrock glass-mat liner panels feature a noncombustible, moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core encased in moisture- and mold-resistant (astm d3273 score of 10) glass mats. they can be used in any fire-rated cavity shaft wall and separation wall system assembly where regular sheetrock gypsum liners are specified. the 1"-by-24" panels feature double-beveled edges and are available in 8', 10', and 12' lengths, as well as custom lengths. they also comply with astm c1658, c1396, astm e136 (noncombustible gypsum core) and astm e84 (flame spread 20, smoke developed zero), and are ul-classified for fire resistance, surface-burning characteristics, and noncombustibility. usg.com

USG Sheetrock Glass-Mat Liner Panels

These panels can be used in any fire-rated cavity shaft wall.

the synthesis ch2 series of uninterruptible power supplies from chloride systems is available in four capacity ratings (600w, 1,000w, 1,500w, and 2,000w). the series accommodates advanced lighting systems by using double conversion continuous ups technology. standard features include an automatic battery system and remote communication capabilities. the standard battery run time listing is ul 924, 90 minutes; but a ul 924 auxiliary lighting and power listing increases battery run times by 10 or 20 minutes. the synthesis ch2 series allows for up to 12 single-pole output circuit breakers (without trip alarm) and up to six single-pole output circuit breakers (with trip alarm) for load distribution. chloridesys.com

Chloride Systems Synthesis CH2 Series

This series of uninterruptible power supplies accommodates advanced lighting systems.

the firestone sunwave daylighting system features a double-glazed, acrylic, prismatic layered dome that provides high visible light transmittance with wide light distribution. the system has more than 4,000 tiny prisms per square foot to refract, direct, and diffuse sunlight into thousands of tiny beams, decreasing the need for indoor electrical lighting by up to 70%. it catches up to 20% more light at low angles than standard shapes and transmits light to a work area without producing glare or hot spots or causing uv damage. sunwave is available in six standard sizes: 2' by 2 ', 4' by 4', 4' by 8', 5' by 5', 5' by 6', and 5' by 8'. www.firestonebpco.com

Firestone SunWave Daylighting System

With more than 4,000 tiny prisms per square foot, this system provides high visible light transmittance and distribution.

jordahls anchor channels, distributed by decon usa, are embedded in concrete and used to securely transfer high loads for flexible connections of glazing panels to high-rise buildings, as well as elevator shafts, tunnel construction, and masonry connections. the channels provide anchoring without damaging a concrete structure or its reinforcement, require no welding or drilling, increase load capacity near reinforcement, and have a high capacity for static and dynamic loads. they come in cold-formed and hot-rolled profiles, in either hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel. welded-on rebar channels are available for small slab thicknesses or corner pieces. deconusa.com

Jordahl Anchor Channels

Distributed by Decon USA, these concrete channels provide anchoring for high loads without damaging the structure.

dow chemical co.s verdiseal waterproofing system protects green roofs from bulk water and root penetration. the spray-applied polyurethane creates a monolithic barrier across a roof deck, side walls, and any sloping surfaces in between. it offers quick cure time, protection against invasive root species such as bamboo, design flexibility, and it eliminates the need for the root-resistant protective layer required for conventional membrane green roof systems. a three-part system including primer, elastomeric membrane, and robust wear coat, verdiseal accommodates complex roof designs and can be spray-applied onto a range of prepared substrates without the use of bitumen, open flames, or solvents. dow.com

Dow Verdiseal Waterproofing System

A spray-applied polyurethane that protects green roofs from water and root penetration.

the ifp-25 from silent knight by honeywell has a 25-point fire alarm with addressable technology. suitable for applications where a two- to five-zone conventional fire alarm system would have been installed otherwise, it features pin-point dentification of trouble locations and false-alarm prevention via detector drift compensation and automatic maintenance alerts. the system features code-wheel-addressed detectors, jumpstart programming, and a built-in programming browser that doesnt require custom software. it also supports combinations of addressable hfs detectors and modules, and runs on a single loop of standard wire rather than a shielded or twisted pair. farenhyt.com

Silent Knight IFP-25

A 25-point fire alarm system from Honeywell.

the gemini twin pack, by generac power systems, has a space-saving design that produces 1,000kw of power. suitable for hospitals, airports, manufacturing plants, and data centers, it is powered by two 500kw gensets (each powered by a pair of volvo 16l diesel engines) operating within a single attenuated enclosure. if one engine malfunctions, the other continues to provide power. with a footprint of 171 square feet, it has integrated digital controls for load sharing that eliminate the need for switchgear. an integrated powermanager system controller features load-shedding control and genlink interface software. seven gemini units can be paralleled for applications requiring up to 7,000kw. generac.com

Generac Power Systems Gemini Twin Pack

A twin-engine 1,000kW backup in a space-saving design.

the new rheem-ruud spiderfire line of condensing commercial water heaters offers a wide range of btu inputs, all with thermal efficiencies of 92% to 95%. the most powerful unit has an input of 350,000 btus per hour and can deliver 460 gallons of water per hour at a 100-degree rise. lower-input models (130,000, 160,000, 199,000, 250,000, and 300,000 btus per hour) are also available. all come with a 100-gallon storage tank and can operate on natural gas or liquid propane and can be installed as a single-pipe, power-vented product, or as a two-pipe, power-direct-vented product. the unit can be vented through standard pvc or cpvc tubing, rather than more expensive, large-diameter metal b-vent. rheem.com

Rheem-Ruud Spiderfire

This line of condensing commercial water heaters can reach efficiencies of 92 percent to 95 percent.

the radio powr savr wireless daylight sensor from lutron electronics co. is a battery-powered, ceiling-mount sensor that decreases or turns off electric lighting when sufficient daylight is available. once it detects daylight, the sensor transmits information via clear connect rf communications to compatible dimming and switching devices, which adjust light levels accordingly. sensors are placed on the ceiling and a standard light switch is replaced with a compatible lutron dimmer or switch. no wiring is required, and several mounting options are available to accommodate a variety of ceiling materials. the sensors are compatible with several lutron dimmers, switches, control units, and systems. lutron.com

Lutron Radio Powr Savr Wireless Daylight Sensor

A ceiling-mounted sensor that turns off electrical lighting when enough daylight is present.

this new small motorized executive retractable screen from phantom screens is a smaller motorized version that offers the benefits and features of the companys original retractable executive screen. its housing size is 4", allowing it to fit in a greater number of openings and architectural designs, where screens can act as solar shades. the screen can also accommodate smaller cavities in recessed applications, which allows components to be hidden in ceilings or column channels. in surface-mount applications, the screen comes in a variety of finishes that can be custom matched, including wood grain. suitable for outdoor applications, it covers a maximum opening of 8' tall by 10' wide. phantomscreens.com

Phantom Screens Small Motorized Executive Retractable Screen

A smaller version of the company's Executive screen.

well suited for high-traffic commercial applications, proroc extra abuse gypsum board with m2tech from certainteed corp. protects against indentations, moisture, and mold; has a specially formulated, fire-resistant type x noncombustible core; and is enclosed in 100% recycled paper. proroc is ul classified for fire resistance and surface burning characteristics. it achieved the highest scores for mold resistance per astm g21 and astm d 3273, and it is easy to cut and install over steel or wood framing. it requires no special tools and may be finished using conventional techniques. it is also greenguard children & schools certified and contributes toward leed credits. certainteed.com/gypsum

CertainTeed ProRoc Extra Abuse Gypsum Board

Protects against indentations, moisture, and mold, making it suited for high-traffic areas.

no-burns no-burn plus system has the required ignition barrier rating for code compliance under applicable sections of the international building code (ibc) and international residential code (irc). the tests were conducted on no-burn intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam plastic insulation manufactured by basf polyurethane foam enterprises. the coating is accepted for use over basfs enertite semi-rigid, open-cell polyurethane foam plastic insulation in attics and crawl spaces without a prescriptive ignition barrier per acc-377 test results. no-burn can reduce toxic smoke by as much as 80%, carries a class a fire rating, and is nontoxic and noncarcinogenic. noburn.com

No-Burn Plus

A coating that carries a Class A fire rating and can reduce toxic smoke by 80 percent.

the bisque collection from runtal north america consists of five models: hot spring, flow form, seta, quadrato, and hot hoop. each is part of a closed-loop hot water heating system and is suitable for residential and commercial applications. hot spring comes in two versions and features tight coils, and flow form has industrial heating elements and comes in three sizes. with pepper shaker rounded tops, seta has a stylish design. the collection has two towel heaters: quadrato has a square shape and hot hoop is round. depending on the model chosen, finishes include chrome, white, metallica, matt black, argenta, and mirrored stainless steel. valves are included for each model. runtalnorthamerica.com

Runtal North America Bisque Collection

Five models that are all part of a closed-loop commercial hot water heating system.

green-zips drywall joint tape partition allows for quick reconfiguration based on a building occupants needs, allowing drywall to be disassembled and reused quickly and quietly. the tape is installed over a drywall joint and has a 3" pull-tail that can be covered by carpet or base trim. when it comes time to move the drywall, the tape can be removed to expose the screws. according to green-zip, the process allows for seamless drywall that is demountable and more affordable than pre-manufactured movable walls. it also facilitates opening walls to make repairs, run new data cables, or dry the inside in order to combat such problems as air conditioning condensation. green-zip.com

Green-Zip Tape Partition

Easy to use drywall tape allows for seamless drywall and quick reconfigurations.