• Temple-Inland GreenGlass Tile Backer.
    Temple-Inland GreenGlass Tile Backer.
Designed for walls, ceilings, shower and tub enclosures, countertops, and residential or light commercial floors, Temple-Inland's GreenGlass Tile Backer, an addition to the company's GreenGlass family of products, features a built-in moisture-blocking acrylic coating that resists water penetration through its surface. It also has a water-resistant gypsum core that includes Temple-Inland’s TemShield Mold Protection System. The backer is SCS-certified to include at least 90 percent recycled content and is available in 0.25-in.,0.50-in., and 0.625-in. thicknesses. It is 48 inches wide and comes in lengths of 8 feet or 10 feet. Greenglassinfo.com; 800-231.6060.