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Product Overview

VersaPOD Cabinet
Siemon's VersaPOD™ enables a completely new and efficient approach to your physical data center infrastructure. By leveraging the vertical space between bayed cabinets for patching and cable management, the V-POD frees critical horizontal space for active equipment, providing the ultimate density in the minimum floor space.

All of the V-POD's unique features are integrated into a full-featured modular enclosure that is equally effective as a standalone cabinet or in a multi-unit bayed configuration, offering a simple, scalable expansion path in any data center.

The VersaPOD side-by-side bayed cabinet configuration allows any combination of 4 VersaPOD Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patching Panels (VPPs), Vertical Blanking Panels and/or VersaPOD Vertical Patching Channels (VPCs) to be mounted vertically between cabinets (2 in front and 2 in rear) for a wide variety of data center applications.

Learn more about the VersaPOD Data Center Cabinet here.

V600 Cabinet
The V600 cabinet is designed as a cost-effective option for server applications that do not require the innovative Zero-U vertical patching and cable management solutions offered with Siemon's full-featured VersaPOD Data Center Cabinet. The new 600mm-wide cabinet provides a quickly assembled, stable platform for data center and telecommunications room applications.

The V600 features contoured, highly perforated doors that deliver 71% airflow for efficient thermal management. An open floor design and multiple roof entry points allow flexible routing of horizontal and backbone cable. Each V600 unit includes provisions for vertical exhaust ducts; roof mounted cooling fans and additional accessories to promote hot aisle/cold aisle isolation, such as brush guards and grommets for cable access points.

Learn more about the V600 Cabinet here.

VersaPOD 4-Post Rack
Siemon's adjustable-depth, VersaPOD 4-Post Rack provides a stable platform for mounting extended depth/size active equipment. It is ideal for use in both Telecommunications Rooms and central patching areas within Data Center environments.

In addition to providing compatibility with Siemon's standalone vertical cable managers, the 4-post rack is fully compatible with the Zero-U panels used in Siemon's VersaPOD™ cabinets. This compatibility allows for mounting of patch panels or cable management between bayed racks or at end of rows.

The headers, vertical rails and depth adjustment brackets all feature symmetrical designs to eliminate orientation errors during assembly. They also work in conjunction to self-square the rack during assembly saving valuable installation time. The result is a rack that can be field assembled in less than 20 minutes.

Learn more about the VersaPOD 4-Post Rack here.

RS Rack System
Siemon's cable management rack system (RS) combines a 2.1m (7 ft.) x 19 inch black aluminum or steel rack with cable management accessories to provide a complete management solution. Ideal for all size installations, the rack features fully usable 45 RMS capacity. An optional 1.2m (4 ft.) power strip is available and mounts directly to rear of rack to provide power to active electronics.

Learn more about the RS Rack System here.

RS3 Cable Management Rack System
Siemon's RS3 series cable management rack system provides high capacity cable management for routing of both horizontal/backbone cabling and patch cords. Vertical channels with hinged cable manager covers conceal and route patch cables for a clean, professional installation. 76mm x 152mm (3 in. x 6 in.) front vertical managers provide capacity for approximately 190 category 6 patch cords. The RS3 design allows racks to be side-stacked without interference between adjacent racks.

Learn more about the RS3 Cable Management Rack System here.