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Product Overview

Product Description, Applications

AURORA Solar Collectors by Solene™ are designed specifically for residential applications, and quickly heat 40 - 80 gallons of water to temperatures suitable for bathing, laundry and dishwashing using much less energy than conventional electric water heaters. In fact, replacing a traditional electric water heater with an AURORA solar hot water system will typically reduce hot water heating costs by 75% - 90%.


AURORA collectors are made of glass, copper and insulation. Systems include a circulating motor and storage tank. Insulated piping and extra-thick foam insulation around storage tanks maximize the heater’s efficiency.

When sunlight heats the roof collector, the pump and controller are automatically activated. The pump circulates cold water through the collector where it is warmed by the sun and returns the heated water back to the tank. The AURORA backup heating element takes over during periods of prolonged cloudy weather or heightened demand, assuring a seamless supply of household hot water every day of the year.

AURORA Solar Collectors are available in four models:

  • SLAR-32 – Approximately 32 ft2 gross area, 1.05 gallon fluid capacity, black chrome finish
  • SLAR-32P – Identical to SLAR-32 but with a flat black finish
  • SLAR-40 – Approximately 40 ft2 gross area, 1.2 gallon fluid capacity, black chrome finish
  • SLAR-40P – Identical to SLAR-40 but with a flat black finish

Features, Benefits:

  • Technologically advanced and made from the highest quality materials
  • Efficient, durable and reliable in any environment
  • Fully self-automated – Can be programmed to turn on and off at precise times daily
  • Non-polluting and environmentally responsible – Produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional electric or gas hot water heaters
  • SRCC certified – OG-100 Collector Approved, OG-300 System Qualified
  • Made in the USA and eligible for federal and/or state tax credit programs; may also be eligible for available local utility rebates
  • Meets LEED® eligibility for on-site renewable energy
  • 10-year warranty standard; available with an additional limited lifetime warranty