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Product Overview

The Heliocol Swimming Pool Solar Heating System uses the sun’s energy to heat commercial and residential swimming pools. Heliocol solar collector systems heat thousands of gallons of water to temperatures under 95 degrees F (35 degrees C) by circulating the water through solar collectors. Pool temperature is set using an automatic controller.

Product Description, Applications
Heliocol solar collectors can be installed on the roof, on the ground, on racks or in any area near the pool that provides the proper exposure, orientation and tilt toward the sun.

Construction, Materials, Finishes
NSF-61 Certified Materials are used in Heliocol products. Heliocol panels are made of polypropylene with special ultraviolet inhibitor additives. The polymer material has been tested in authorized labs and proven stable against the effects of sustained UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and aging. It is also certified for use as a plastic for foodstuffs contact applications and is highly durable against corrosion and scaling; chlorine, bromine, iodine, HCL and other swimming pool chemicals; and salt and sea water.

Features, Advantages

  • Economical - Reduces or eliminates pool heating utility bills without additional operating costs
  • Provides year-round pool heating in warm climates and extends the swimming season in colder climates
  • Low collector head loss rate reduces pump requirements
  • Can be mounted to any roof type with the Alligator Clamp and Mounting Pad, which minimizes or eliminates roof penetrations and prevents moisture buildup under collectors
  • Comprehensive 12 year full warranty (10 years outside the United States) protecting all manufacturer parts
  • Can be used in conjunction with an existing pool heater
  • Solar panel material is guaranteed not to cause pool discoloration
  • Can sustain hurricane force winds to 180 mph (290 km/hour)