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Product Overview

Sharon Drop-In system stairs have been incorporated in commercial buildings from New York to California, from high-rise multi-family dwellings, hospitals, and intermodal facilities, to stadiums.

Product Description, Applications

Sharon Drop-In Stairs feature preassembled, pre-engineered components with the design flexibility of a custom egress system. Sharon systems are designed and engineered to fit all stairwell openings and floor-to-floor heights in accordance with specific code requirements, and are available with architectural designs for a variety of tread, riser, stringer and rail details necessary to accommodate aesthetic and functional requirements. To find a distributor in your area, visit the Sharon Stairs website or contact the manufacturer directly.

Features, Advantages

  • Can be erected quickly to give early floor-to-floor access for construction trades
  • Fully certified to meet or exceed building codes, including ADA accessibility requirements
  • Can be delivered to the jobsite in segments to meet construction schedules
  • Utilize economical components such as factory standard railing styles and pre-engineered structural members for stringers, landing frames, connections, etc.
  • Fabricated to handle required live and dead load requirements
  • Available with special tread designs to eliminate concrete work and minimize site cleanup
  • Offered with a wide range of construction and component options
  • Can meet specialized construction requirements



  • Full Panel Rail
  • Picket Guard Rail (With Hand Rail)
  • Picket Style Rail
  • 5-Line Sweep Rail
  • Value Line Rail
  • Dual Line Mesh Rail
  • Traditional InLine Rail
  • Dual Line Picket Rail
  • Perforated Panel Rail

Tread Designs

  • Tuff-Tread™ - Factory installed tread made of abrasive filled epoxy; for indoor use
  • Tuff-Coat™ - Economical slip and wear-resistant abrasive epoxy coating factory-applied directly to flat steel treads; for indoor use
  • Checkered Plate Treads - Furnished in required gauges for slip-resistance; smooth plates also available ready for field installation
  • Precast™ Treads - Alternative to traditional site-poured treads; natural concrete color with broom finish
  • Field Poured Concrete Treads - Traditional 1 1/2" (38 mm) pan type treads for field-poured concrete by others
  • Tread Glow

Capabilities, Services

Sharon Stairs technical staff can adapt standard stair drawings and convert them to Drop-In configurations, and can also assist with written specifications, including stair details, drawings and bid documents. Structural engineers are also available to provide stairway load handling capability certification. Specifications, drawing details and the Stairwell Development Design Manual are available online at to simplify stairwell design tasks, help define critical dimensions and enhance the overall detailing process.

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