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A House


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Project Name

A House

Project Status


Year Completed



37,887 sq. meters





  • Bernardo García
  • Carlos Gordillo


  • Construction Manager: Ingeniería Orca
  • Structural Engineer: Mauricio Pantoja

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Project Description

Architecture has the effect to locate ourselves in space, and allow the habitability of a site. In many ways, it is the most powerful tool we, humans, have to fully interact with our surroundings and the natural environment.
In sites with imposing natural landscapes, architecture scales us and works as a transition to absorb –distantly-the surroundings. It is only through architecture that we are able to appropriate a site and live it.
The intention of A House is precisely to be able to appropriate its surroundings and give its inhabitants a way to “live” the lake. The “A frame” shape is brought to its maximum potential to make this possible. Therefore, it was very important that the structure was present in every space of the house. Additionally, we wanted the structure to be a coherent element with the house’s functionality.
The sub-humid climate and the north facing views made us seek solar orientation in other directions. In order to counteract these conditions, we opened lateral balconies -like boats deck- that permitted us to receive solar radiation in mornings and evenings. This also gave us the advantage to use the most acute spaces of the house that otherwise would have been unutilized.
The mix of natural materials like: stone, wood, steel, and glass, together with the acute and high spaces of the house give it a warm and contemporary feeling.
House A is a building of modern conceptualization with local construction techniques and materials. It is a very efficient contemporary steel structure adapted to local construction techniques.
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