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Inspired by the surrounding mountains and hills, BAMIYAN CULTURAL CENTER takes the shape of a large hill perforated by light wells, housing all sorts of cultural events and activities within.

The volume consists of a curved roof that is well integrated in the sloping site; the landscape's curved lines result in a pool that frames the outdoor exhibition space.

The concept takes full advantage of the site by creating internal and external paths offering great views of the "Buddha cliff ".

The roof doubles as an amphitheater with views towards the "Buddha cliff " and Bamian valley. On its lower side, a promenade running along the whole project faces the main side of "Buddha cliff " and Bamian valley.

The solid roof (white concrete and white metal) ,filtrated by light , is only interrupted by a large glass atrium. The pedestrian ramp (4% slope for disabled access) wraps around the atrium and allows natural light into the lower level atrium.

Inspired by the architecture of Bamian, the main activities occupy the lower space around the courtyrad. The space is filled with light and warmth, and the brick walls with their vertical allure recall the regional architecture.

The courtyard is a meeting point for people entering and exiting the exhibition spaces, the workshop/Studio, performance hall, and the research center. It also provides a direct access to the outdoor exhibition space and tea house terrace.

The Architectural concept offers continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, and insures a smooth transition from the outdoor exhibition space to a well lit covered courtyard, and into the internal spaces of the building.

The pedestrian bridge allows direct access to the entrance hall on the upper level, as well as an access to the outdoor amphitheatre and the courtyard via the atrium ramps.

The visual transparency between the different spaces is one of the major qualities of the project.

The project consists of two levels linked by stairs and gentle slopes (4% slope for disabled access)

The upper Level includes the following spaces :

- a large landscaped garden and an outdoor exhibition space
- an outdoor parking of 34 car spaces,
- Reception Lobby
- Classrooms
- Conference space
- Administration

The lower Level includes the following spaces :

- The courtyard,
- The exhibition spaces,
- The performance hall,
- Workshop Studio,
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