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Cais das Artes

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Metro Arquitetos

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Cais das Artes

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Consisting of a museum and theater equipped to receive large artistic events, the architectural set designed for Cais das Artes, in Victoria, has as its central feature the appreciation of the scenic surroundings and historical city. Located in Enseada do Sua, an extensive terrace grounded across the canal that shapes the island of Vitória, the project is a compliment that territory built by the monumental clash between nature and construction, a daily lively city by the port presence in the constant and energetic work the docks.

Such praise, in this case, means the decision to set up the esplanade in question as an open square to the city enjoyment: a public promenade by the sea. And yet, in a complementary way, implies the decision to suspend the ground buildings to allow free and unimpeded visual from the square to the surrounding countryside. This is both for the dynamic spectacle of the work in the sea, connected to the port, and to the natural and architectural heritage of the city, which sets out the Old Town of mountains and the Convento da Penha, located across the channel, designed against the assembly. It is therefore oriented architectural action urbanistically in order to adapt history and geography to a desired view of this, indicating at the same time, a museum design which seeks to associate art and science in an integrated perspective.

Equipped with facilities such as coffee shops, bookstores and spaces for scenic shows and outdoor displays, the new square will be a place of attraction in the cultural life of the city. Place that, by its intrinsic spatial characteristics, allow the public to unveil his monumental landscape in a privileged way. Effect will be amplified even in the visitation route Museum, whose vertical circulation ramps and crystalline levels will create balconies to the contemplation of the natural environment and built on unexpected dimensions. On the other hand, the whole constitutes - he also - a new visual reference in the landscape of the Bay of Victoria, which can be admired from numerous viewpoints or older lookouts, as the convent itself in the Penha Hill High in Vila old.
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