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Cantonal Museum of Photography and Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts

Aires Mateus

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August King

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Cantonal Museum of Photography and Museum of Design and Contemporary Applied Arts

Project Status

Concept Proposal

Year Completed



14,500 sq. meters


Lausanne – Pôle Muséal


  • Manuel Aires Mateus
  • Francisco Aires Mateus
  • Francisco Caseiro
  • Daniel Lopez
  • Bernardo Sousa
  • Luz Jimenez
  • Christophe Gourdier
  • Nicole Addati
  • Andrea Auerbach
  • Diogo Castro Guimaraes
  • Leonardo Marchesi
  • Vega Solaz Soler


  • AFA Consult

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Project Description

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One Museum, two museums, one space.

Two solid volumes confine one space.

One empty space that dilates a compresses.

One space always in contact with the exterior.

One space of arrival, of passage, of break,

A covered place that gives access to both museums.

Two concrete volumes. In a geometric curling, they get closer, they touch each other, they detach.

From the sky or through the floor, they find their light, subtle, selected. Between them, the empty space is floating. L'Elysée draws the floor, the MUDAC the roof.

Two museums and one empty space form a prismatic volume, detached by a peripheral void from the other services. Absorbing the limits of the site, this background element frees the space it needs around the Museum, to find it's own light and to define the main volume.

One Museum, two museums, is the starting point. The idea that each entity is characterized by a light and a space. The idea that the importance of the container isn't more than the importance of protecting what it contains.
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