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CREC Medical Professions & Teacher Preparation Academy

Antinozzi Associates

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Morgan Day, Hanley Wood

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CREC Medical Professions & Teacher Preparation Academy

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145,000 sq. feet


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Drawing from nationwide research of medical education facilities, as well as input from the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) Faculty and Administrative staff, Antinozzi Associates has designed this unique $64.5M Medical Professions and Teacher Preparation (MP-TP) Magnet School. These curriculums will provide a 6th through 12th Grade teaching and medical program, allowing 700 students who are interested in these fields to be enrolled in either program. Additionally, a Pre-Kindergarten facility was incorporated into the teaching program for school and staff use. The design provides CREC with a building uniquely tailored to facilitate the program’s specific instruction in a real world setting within a flexible learning environment.

Grades 6-8 occupy the middle building level, with Grades 9-12 occupying the upper level. At the core of each level are three oval courtyards which enable a visual connection of all three floors, with additional outside views. The building shape also responds to the site, incorporating elements referencing both the medical and teaching professions. These elements include an apple orchard, a brick “skin” with incised random lines (suggestive of wrinkles), an exposed “organ-like” element (Lecture Hall), and white blocks in three different finishes to mimic a “complexion.”

The school has teaching spaces such as a Medical Simulation Instructional Space, a Medical Health Center, and specialized laboratories outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for an interactive and student-centered educational experience. Similarly, the Lecture Hall has technology to support distance learning instruction. Spaces within the school are flexible to meet current and future middle and high school programs.
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