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Draped Nimbostratus

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Draped Nimbostratus

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  • Cecilie Bendixen



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Draped Nimbostratus by Danish architect and artist Cecilie Bendixen was born from her PhD on the sound-absorbing qualities of textile used as architecture.

Draped Nimbostratus investigates the architectural and sculptural potential of sound absorption. The title both refers to the cloud motif and to the way the textile hangs.

Only the technique is chosen by the artist - textile suspended from strings - whereas the form is created naturally from the effects of gravity and the inherent qualities of the fabric. The woolen material gives a feeling of great acoustic  comfort, which is further enhanced by the visual expression of the clouds, forming a poetic and embracing shield. The flock of clouds, poetically drifting over the Design Talks area at Design Miami/, run in diagonal directions and represent the largest site-specific textile installation ever presented at the fair, covering an area of more than 800 square feet.

Cecilie Bendixen is represented by Galerie Maria Wettergren. Her interdisciplinary approach mixing science, art, architecture, design and crafts, makes her a significant contributor to the contemporary design world.
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