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Project Description

The project concists to implant new design infrastuctures manufactured in Concrete
Modular Construction.
They will be declined as Beach bathroom, Kiosks, Commercials and Residentials units.
The goal of the operation is also to create dunes, to fight Nature by Nature against the water’s
increase during the Hurricane. This solution-oriented technic is used in Europe, and particulary in
France / Normandy.
The Beach bathroom are imagined as a mix-design between a wave & an aircraft motor reaction,
the could like this take easyly the wind. In an other hand they are upscale to the ground, then could
be a shelter for people.
All the housing units are imagined as futurist & contemporary construction, with the sustainable &
ecofriendly solutions of the modular construction & composites skins’s wrap.
The are mix-used as Building or simple and contemporary housing.
The frontwalk kiosks are already imagined to take the wind, the design is very ergonomic, and we
can close all the panels to secure the items. This soltution are already be tacken by the studio in
his experience of Frontwalk’s kiosks in the French Riviera, south of France.
The other opportunity of those kiosks is the modular solution, they are totaly movable,
and could be stock during a Hurricane or simply the winter.
Those same units could be transform from the Food shops to small a commercial area
on the FarRoc’s Broadwalk.
All those units are imagined and designed to resist to Storm and Hurricane.
They have the fully advantage to be stackable, and rapidly installed, and have a particular
resistance due to their concrete design construction solutions.
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