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FIESP Cultural Center

Paulo Mendes da Rocha, MMBB Arquitetos

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August King

Project Name

FIESP Cultural Center


Project Status


Year Completed



Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo


  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha
  • Angelo Bucci
  • Fernando de Mello Franco
  • Marta Moreira
  • Milton Braga
  • Pablo Hereñú
  • Keila Costa
  • Maria Isabel Imbrunito
  • Omar Mohamad Dalank
  • Carmen Moraes
  • Judith Hardy


  • Lighting Designer: Guilherme Bonfanti
  • Electrical Engineer: JC Passerini Project Engineering
  • Construction Manager: Racional



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Project Description


The orientation adopted for this project is meant to promote a spatial reorganization and to enshrine the developed areas of entertainment and representation in the ground floors and foyers levels that make up the the Headquarters of the Federation of São Paulo State Industries. The project ensures harmony between the rigor required in reception and a selection of services, and the freedom and fluidity required for cultural activities. Note the dialogue between the building functions and urban animation on Paulista Avenue.

The existing building is organized in a tower, where there are areas of work and play, a large reception area and cultural activities for the public which consist of four remarkable levels. The refurbishment of these facilities–the Exhibition Gallery, Library, theater -auditorium and its Annexes, mainly Foyer and Café, event spaces and the Garden of Burle Marx– was the main program of this project.

The realization of this new spatiality was achieved with appropriate techniques which the possibility of execution was examined with the technicians of the entity and, especially, with the assistance of the calculating engineer. The new structures, metal, are made with steel plates and flat profiles. The windows and front facades, glass.

Proposed forms should create an intriguing association between the new and existing metal structures. To fill the voids between the two associated structures, HVAC and lighting equipment will be installed.

All safety and maintenance system will benefit from this new implementation of closed volumes and should receive special attention. Elevators will also be very favored with this modification as it separates the inputs, outputs, incoming and outgoing documents in three different levels.

This description, a translation, has been lightly edited for clarity.
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