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Forest Hill House - Master Bathroom

Reigo & Bauer

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Forest Hill House - Master Bathroom

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280 sq. feet


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Project Description

For this bathroom renovation, the existing layout was wiped clear giving way to an unusually spacious and elongated area of 20 x 14 feet. Rather than considering the bathroom as a distinct room, the design integrated the master suite with the bathroom via a 35 foot hall, lined with continuous sheers floating in front of a drywall valance, neatly concealing the air handling and rendering the hallway in soft, sensuous material. The flowing fabric slips past the point at which the valance is split and sculpturally folds, creating a discrete pocket for a sliding door for use on the occasions that require a physical division. Each of the four elements of the program (water closet, double vanity, shower / steam room, and tub) are afforded privacy due to their sheltered positions within the new layout, allowing the door to the bedroom to remain pocketed day in day out. Throughout the room the glass mosaic clad walls at both inside and outside corners are curved, creating a fluid effect, unbroken from the entry through each of the spaces to the tub. The functional elements, those frequented often or with brevity – the water closet and the vanity, are offset by the places of rest– the soaker tub and the steam room. Building materials are used like cloth to envelop these tranquil spaces. An undulating tiled surface flows from ceiling to wall to bench to floor in the steam room, while a continuous band of soft Corian wraps the ceiling, sides and deck of the nestled tub enclosure. The calm backdrop of the room is fostered by understated details such as the blending of wall and baseboard where the tiled surface tucks under the cabinetry, seamlessly connecting the spaces and functional elements of the bathroom. Further considerations such as the even-toned hue of the glass tile, the leather finish limestone and the matte lacquer cabinets unify the soft palate. Subtle yet complex layers of glass, both mirrored and clear, are positioned between each of the three distinct areas at once creating visual connections, spatial separations, and reflections.
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