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Fuente Santa Hot Spring Baths

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Morgan Day, Hanley Wood

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Fuente Santa Hot Spring Baths

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Concept Proposal


Cabildo de la Palma



  • Juan Antonio González Pérez
  • Andrzej Gwizdala
  • Constanze Sixt
  • Urbano Yanes Tuña


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Project Description


In a landscape characterized by powerful natural elements and particular fragility, the new spa and public pool is configured in form of a bridge, which prevents transformations of the volcanic soil and the coastal cliff. Its implementation minimizes the interference between the building and the protected area of the lava flows originating from the last eruption of the Teneguía volcano in 1971.

The building creates a synthesis between architecture, infrastructure and landscape. Levitating atop the landforms of the surroundings, it has an abstract and defined presence. The building constitutes a landmark at the territorial level that identifies the location of the hot spring (Fuente Santa). It is a horizontal lighthouse and lookout point, whose materiality makes it at the same time stand out and dissolve into the surrounding landscape. The image of the building’s roof blends in the landscape like a texture that melts with the volcanic soil.

The spa is designed as an ‘unfolded’ pool, as a new, suspended shore line. It is a playful and therapeutic space that, through its artificial gravel beach, recovers the experience of the original hot spring - which emanated on the shore and was used by the collective - and the contemplation of the horizon. Under the roof, the common areas of the thermal water circuit incorporate the volcanic landscape into the everyday life of the spa, taking advantage of the therapeutic nature of the landscape itself.
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