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Heduli Paddy Hotel

C&C Design

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Victoria Carodine, Hanley Wood

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Heduli Paddy Hotel

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882,640 sq. feet


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Project Description


The project is located in Hedu Village, Heng River, Huizhou. It is a resort area integrating ecotourism, agricultural experience and leisure vacation. The main building of the project is rebuilt from the discarded primary school buildings. The project is school-enterprise cooperation in social charity which is leading participation by C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
The Design advocates the harmonious relationship between man and land, respect for the ecological civilization of land, with no new construction, while avoiding excessive business and impetuous and low-end homogenization of development. Nature and simplicity constitute the tone of the entire site. Leisure and tranquility is the soul here, local ecology and farming culture is the life here, and the site is most valuable resource. We hope that through our efforts, people will live, play and visit at the same time. The rural ares is being revitalized gradually for the possible revival for modernity in this area.

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