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Hidden Passage

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Hidden Passage

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  • David Lin



This student project was completed in Good Grids, a studio course at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York's School of Architecture and Planning which won a 2016 ARCHITECT Studio Prize.

Project Description


As of most city planning in the United States, they are somewhat all the same repetitive gridiron/checkerboard over and over again, people walking down the street know exactly where the streets will take them to, we rarely have the element of surprise within the American city grid.

For this scheme it is important to never have a through street, regarding of where do people enter the site, they will always makes a either right or left turns, and there are streets within the site that are covered with trees along the sidewalk as the path. The Path are those street that act as a guide for people to get to the central main street quicker. The final turn of the Path will lead people down to the central main street. The experience is that at one moment the people are in this street that are covered up with trees and are surrounded by single family houses and then they suddenly enter this very urban space, where it is fully commercialized.

The focus for the scheme is on the central main street where it is connected by the two green squares on both ends. The main street will become the center for the scheme, unlike other typical American grids where a park or a government building is the center of the scheme. The main street will be filled up with stores and cafés, and with the removal of the foliage along the main street it will give a complete break away from the rest of the site as an urban strip. Since the rest of the sites that are surrounding the main street are being covered up with foliage and single family housing, it gives people more of a suburban feel as they are walking down the street, and this will actually bring people more of an excitement and enjoyment when they finally reach the main street. With the addition of the colonnade to the commercial buildings it gives more of a characteristic to the site compared to all the single family town houses that are spread out and fill up the rest of the site.
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