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Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center

AGi Architects

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Angela Cook

Project Name

Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center


Project Status


Year Completed



15,000 sq. meters


  • Bruno Gomes
  • Hanan Alkouh
  • Stefania Rendinelli
  • Nima Haghighatpour
  • Ana López Cerrato
  • Alfredo Carrato
  • Juande Jimenez
  • Sara Abu Saleh
  • Ali Alyousifi

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Project Description


Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center is a reflection on hospitals public image. Usually hospitals have negative connotations; therefore we make a proposal that will lead to a new and positive feeling.

The exterior façade is the most relevant element and the first connection with the patient. As a cultural building we propose a sculptural shape where two red “gestures” invite to enter the building in a good mood.

The interior is organized like a small city with different scales and hierarchies.

The main streets are the corridors where patients can be assisted in the different receptions.

The main waiting areas are like a Square with direct view to the main courtyards. With double and triple free height we have a big outside feeling.

The consults units are like apartments. The patients are received in a “living room” and addressed by a doctor in a private room. Each of those modules has only two consults to guarantee the maximum privacy and confidence with the doctors. All modules have a small courtyard to provide light, natural ventilation and privacy.

The services like swimming pool, gym and track are strategically located in the best locations of the “city” with direct view to the sea (the building is located on the beach). Those spaces are used to stress tests / rehabilitation, where we propose big windows and double free height to reinforce the “outside” sensation. With north orientation these spaces will have the best light.
The materials selection is based in functional and local conditions.

For the exterior / courtyards we propose materials prepared for the extreme Kuwait weather. The stone will define the sculptural shape and the red aluminum will generate hierarchies.
For the interior public spaces the stone (floors and skirting’s) will extend the exterior to the interior whilst white plaster will generate natural light. For the staff areas we selected Vinyl based in hygienic / esthetic concerns.

The hospital not only cooperates with Cardiac diseases but also proposes to live with good feelings.
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