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Jameson House

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Jameson House

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Along Vancouver’s protected heritage district, stands Jameson House with its thirty-seven illustrious floors of glass and concrete. Designed by the renowned architects Foster and Partners studio, known for their contemporary interventions in historic structures, it marks their first venture into residential design in North America. In keeping with the historic nature of the neighborhood, Jameson is integrated with the 1929 Ceperley Rounsfell Building, which will be restored to its original design.

As in any structure, durability is the key to defining success. As concrete was the main building material used throughout the structure, concrete waterproofing was a critical concern. The developers had to select a waterproofing system that could guarantee lasting protection of their building, not only to safeguard their reputation but to also please their upscale residents.


Lafarge suggested Kryton’s integral crystalline technology as a solution. Lafarge has had tremendous success over the years using Kryton’s Krystol Internal Membrane (KIM) admixture to waterproof below grade foundations, pits, retaining walls and containment tanks but the project collaborators had an unconventional application in mind. They decided to use Kryton’s KIM admixture for the above grade areas of the building, as the unfinished architectural concrete was the unique design finish dictated by Foster and Partners. As Vancouver sees heavy rainfalls for over seven months of the year, the building had to face these elements for its lifetime.

Lafarge used approximately 13,440 kilograms (29,630 pounds) of KIM admixture. The admixture combined with Lafarge’s Chronolia shortened the construction cycle, allowing the project to be completed sooner, and open for occupancy.

Today, Jameson House is one of Vancouver’s most luxurious buildings and with the concrete waterproofed for a lifetime, it certainly will stay this way for decades to come.
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