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Ju Hyang Jae


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Ju Hyang Jae



183-4, Gyodong

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This house placed in Gyo-dong, Gong-ju, Chung-nam with alley. And other building near by this house. The site shape is longer north to south. So, clients were likely to exposure by the outside people eye.
The 'Ju Hyang Jae' choose the method of placed inclined 'ㄷ' shape mass on site for filter outside.

Enter the entrance, can face kitchen and dining room. Then along the corridor, there are main room and dress-room. The dress-room can use independent attic.
And there are circle shape shower stall, yellow glassblock make unusual atmosphere for just husband and wife.

Being as children's room and living room have large window, they can secure lighting. But their space face the road, children's room have diagonal window, for children's privacy.
Second floor attic are located in above living room. The living room, children's room, and library are each other go up and down.
The mass of supported from the cross will be refuge like as Noah’s ark.
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