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Lima Convention Center


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Project Name

Lima Convention Center

Project Status


Year Completed



925,696 sq. feet



  • Tono Fernández Usón, César Azcárate, Javier Álvarez de Tomás (Lead Architects)
  • María Cortés Monforte, Jorge Rodríguez, Alejandra Muelas, Enrique Alonso, Adrián Jabonero, Roberto Moraga, Armide González, Nazaret Gutiérrez, María Amparo González, Lucía Chamorro, Jesús Barranco, Magdalena Ostornol, DESSIN-TECHNISCH, Borja Gómez, Pablo Viña, Luis Valverde (Architects)
  • Miguel de Diego (Lima Team Coordinator)
  • Alejandro Puerta, Carmen Camarmo (Madrid Team Coordinator)


  • Structural Engineer: Alejandro Bernabéu, Javier Gómez, Mónica Latorre
  • Electrical Engineer: Solventa
  • Lighting Designer: Noemi Barbero
  • Other: Mario Torices

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Project Description


The project and construction of the Lima Convention Centre (LCC) is contextualized by the agreement between the Peruvian State, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund to hold in Lima the 2015 Board of Governors. The Peruvian State saw this event as an opportunity to extend and improve the congressional infrastructure available in the capital of Peru.

Strategically located in the Cultural Centre of the Nation (CCN) – next to the National Museum, the Ministry of Education, the new headquarters of the National Bank or the Huaca San Borja – the design of the LCC was to satisfy four strategic objectives: being a cultural and economic motor for the country, representing a meeting place at the heart of the city enrooted in the collective Peruvian culture, turning into a unique, flexible and technologically advanced architectonic landmark and finally, triggering the urban transformation of the CNN and its surroundings.

The near 15,000 m2 of net area correspond to the 18 multipurpose convention halls, their sizes and proportions varying from 3,500 m2 to 100 m2, which allow for up to 10,000 people to attend simultaneous events. The rest of the program is completed by four underground car-park floors as well as several uses above ground that complement the conference rooms. These would include areas for translation and general management of the centre, stockrooms and toilets, workshops and areas for maintenance and material distribution, kitchens and dining areas, exhibition halls, cafeterias and relaxation areas. This all generates a total built up area of 86,000 m2.

The operative and functional flexibility are keys to the comprehensive design of the LCC and are orientated towards maximizing the economic and social success of the project.
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