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Escobedo Solíz Studio

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  • Lazbent Escobedo
  • Andrés Soliz
  • Stefanie Verhoeyen



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The strength of the proposal is its organic-elemental character.

We divide a basic structure into 2 articulated elements: a circular truss of bamboo with steel connections shaped into a perimetric ring and another coplanar truss that avoids deformations. We are forming a radial frame of compression that supports a catenary roof of the textile petate, that is carried by a network of chains and ropes and that gets tense by gravity. Both elements reach a natural balance between tension and compression. 85% of the materials are organic (bamboo, rope, petate and textile) so that they can get recycled easily and they represent a low consumption of energy in its production and reduced environmental impact. Due to its circular trace, the pavilion maintains a continuous facade and can function in different places without being committed to orientation and specific position.

The enclosure of the translucent textile of the pavilion functions as a permeable membrane that allows the free flow through it, and materialize the division between interior and exterior without creating a physical barrier. It allows continuity between public open space and public space with content. In the interior of the pavilion the `space is defined by a perimetric walkway that is slightly elevated from the ground which can be used as a place to sit or where people can freely walk around an exposition. In the middle of the catenary roof we created a void that drains the water and that introduces natural light that creates a center-event and a centripetal-centrifugal dialogue with the city. The pavilion is a catalyst, a forum, a space where ideas flow fluently.
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