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Milan Expo 2015: Cereals and Tubers Cluster

Politecnico di Milano

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Cereals and Tubers Cluster

Project Status


Year Completed



3,820 sq. meters


  • Exhibition Content: Università degli Studi di Milano
  • Scientific Advisers: Francesco Bonomi, Claudio Gandolfi, and Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti
  • Project Coordinators: Ambrogina Pagani, Guido Sali
  • Concept and Exhibition Layout: Franco Tagliabue, Alessandro Rocca, Maria Feller, Marta Geroldi


Milan Expo 2015

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A field of grain runs through the center of this cluster, referencing its theme of the global production of cereals and tubers. The central green space is flanked by two rows of pavilions, from which extends an awning that shades two pathways leading to an open area that is fitted with a fireplace for cooking grain-based dishes from around the world in a communal setting.

Project Description


A cognitive experience based on senses and communication: a field cultivated with cereals and tubers will run like a river leading visitors up to a large covered area for collective activities. A soft canopy in front of the pavilions will create shaded spaces, views and a path shaping into an artificial valley. In the wide space around a big fireplace, through the use of a collective oven, visitors will be able to taste the various products derived from the cooking of cereals and tubers.

The Universities that collaborated with the Politecnico of Milan in designing the concept are the Moscow Architectural Institute and the Parsons School of Design of New York.

Countries belonging to this cluster: 
- Bolivia
- Haiti
- Mozambique
- Republic of the Congo
- Togo
- Venezuela
- Zimbabwe

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