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Milan Expo 2015: Coffee Cluster

Politecnico di Milano

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Coffee Cluster

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4,427 sq. meters


  • Universidade de São Paulo
  • Exhibition Content: Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” / Chiara Mauri; Università del Caffè / illycaffè
  • Cluster Manager: Roberto Morelli
  • Scientific Adviser: Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi” / Chiara Mauri; Università del Caffè / illycaffè
  • Project Coordination: illycaffè
  • Concept and Exhibition Layout: Alessandro Colombo, Stefan Vieths, and Francesca Rapisarda

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The slatted wood construction of this cluster's canopy and individual country pavilions filters daylight as it enters the space, hearkening to the tropical forests in Africa and Central America whose tall trees border coffee plantations and provide nurturing shade. Visitors can trace the life of a coffee bean from the field to the cup through guided tours and multimedia displays.

Project Description


Curated by the Università del Caffè illy and Università Commerciale “Luigi Bocconi”, the exhibition covers one of the nine topics showcased by the Expo Clusters. This is a real journey from the sowing to the cup, subdivided into four thematic sections, which illustrate the path that transforms a coffee bean into one of the world’s most popular drinks. Information, video clips, scientific entertainers, guided tours allow visitors to enjoy a unique experience that arouses all senses.

The exhibition starts off by telling us that coffee comes from a cherry and that its supply chain is a source of income for about 25 million families in over 80 producing countries. After following the coffee bean along its routes across the oceans, the visitor is conquered by the aromas released by coffee roasting and is subsequently treated to the tasting of a coffee cup, which gives a final, concrete touch to the experience.

Countries belonging to this cluster:
- Dominican Republic
- El Salvador
- Ethiopia
- Guatemala
- Kenya
- Republic of Burundi
- Republic of Yemem
- Rwanda
- Timor-Leste
- Uganda

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