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Milan Expo 2015: Fruits and Legumes Cluster

Politecnico di Milano



  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design of Jerusalem
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology of Cape Town
  • Exhibition Content: Università Vita Salute S. Raffaele
  • Scientific Adviser and Project Coordinator: Roberto Mordacci
  • Concept and Exhibition Layout: Matteo Vercelloni, Massimo Ferrari
  • Contributors: Stefano De Feudis, Stefano Sala, and Claudia Tinazzi

Project Status


Year Completed



3,705 sq. meters


Milan Expo 2015

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A series of small enclosures with wood-slat exteriors are neatly arranged beneath a suspended structure akin to the pergolas and terraces used to shade and grow fruits and legumes in this cluster, whose agricultural theme aligns with the site's garden-like environment. The nine cultivating countries participating in this cluster use their allotted space to showcase their leading crops.

Project Description


The sequence of the single Cluster units will constitute the sequence of the collective spaces, identified by two big suspended lines reminding in a different scale the pergolas of vineyards producing a game of shades typical of cultivated woods. Vegetables, fruit trees and fragments of cultivations will define a composite and surprising landscape capable of offering visitors the memory of works in the field and the emotion of a garden.

The Universities that collaborated in the project with Politecnico of Milano in designing the concept are the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design of Jerusalem (Israel) and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology of Cape Town (South Africa).

Countries belonging to this cluster:
- Benin
- Democratic Republic of the Congo
- Republic of Equatorial Guinea
- Gambia
- Republic of Guinea
- Kyrgyz Republic
- Sri Lanka
- Uzbekistan
- Zambia

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