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Milan Expo 2015: Ireland

Office of Public Works

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Ireland


1,175 sq. meters


  • Ciarán O'Connor
  • Gerry Harvey




Milan Expo 2015

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The Irish pavilion is a curved, wood structure set like a boat in a pool of water. Architects Ciarán O'Connor and Gerry Harvey of the Office of Public Works designed the pavilion using local wood with a low carbon footprint. Also featuring a green roof, the pavilion is intended as a environmental response, as well as a national statement reflecting Irish values.

Project Description

Theme: "Origin Green Ireland: Working with Nature"


Rich in natural resources and green pastures that are pure, fertile and productive, the spirit of Ireland is brought to life through its Pavilion, offering visitors a close up of its magnificent landscapes, historical heritage, contemporary culture and of its cuisine and hospitality. On entering the Ireland Pavilion, visitors embark on an unforgettable journey through the Irish countryside and along its wild Atlantic coast. They learn how Ireland's gentle climate, its wind and ever changing light, lush green landscape and untamed Atlantic coast have conspired to make world-class farming and fishing possible, as illustrated by the feature exhibition “Wild Atlantic Way.”
Visitors can take in the Irish way of life, which echoes the values of Expo Milano 2015, in ensuring sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for future generations. With generations of family farms and fisheries, Ireland’s message to the world is clear: the land and sea belongs not to us, but to the ones that come after. A world-leader in verified, sustainable production, Ireland shares its vision of working with nature, showcasing the work of its farmers, food producers and Government. Working together, they are committed to foster a new culture of sustainability in agricultural and fisheries industries, serve local communities more effectively, and protect the rich Country’s resources.
At the heart of Origin Green there is Ireland’s commitment to harnessing science and technology for sustainable and socially-conscious food and drink production, increasing efficiency and avoiding waste. Inside the Pavilion visitors can learn how science, modern technology and natural resources can be potently utilized on the challenges of a secure flow of quality food and sustainable sourcing and production such as animal welfare, carbon emissions, energy efficiency, soil and grass health, water management and the use of pesticides and fertilizer. Given that the quest for sustainability can be both a beneficial and enjoyable process, the Pavilion also offers visitors an opportunity to taste and smell the delights of Ireland, as part of the Pavilion's cultural and events program.

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