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Milan Expo 2015: Latvia

Made Arhitekti

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Latvia


1,000 sq. meters




Milan Expo 2015

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The center of the design of the Latvian pavilion by MADE arhitekti is a large oak tree comprised of local timber, with roots in an open-floor layout, and the branches and leaves in the business area on the upper floor to provide shade.

Project Description

Theme: "Nature Inside"


As an emblem of Latvia’s position as a global leader in environmental innovation, the national pavilion at Expo will take the form of an enormous oak tree. Comprising an interactive bi-level space appealing to all five of the human senses, the concept – entitled Nature Inside – will embody the idea of Food and Culture for a Better Life with a large-scale cultural programme. 

At the same time responding to the Milan Expo’s theme Feeding the Planet, the pavilion will showcase Latvia not just as a land with natural resources but as a nation with superior industries and an expertise in sustainable entrepreneurial development. Latvia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union will ensure heightened political and diplomatic attention to this international exhibition.

Unveiling a microcosm of Latvia’s ecosystems in Milan, the pavilion will evoke a journey for the senses: aesthetic architectural solutions for sight; nature’s music for hearing, a Slow Food restaurant for taste; freshly baked bread and the aroma of forest woods for smell; and the pavilion’s natural materials for touch.  

The oak tree underscores the Latvian belief that harmonious and respectful co-existence between humans and nature is the only means of sustaining long-term environmental integrity across a vast range of ecosystems. Aligning centuries of architectural and human achievement with 21st-century digital technologies, the oak tree will enable the ecosystem to be invigorated with visitors’ heartbeats.

Historically, Latvians have long resided in harmony with Mother Nature; their respect for the environment has been passed on through generations. It is little surprise Latvia is standing as a role model for nations suffering from environmental imbalances due to industry*.

The oak tree will be a large scale, robust and environmentally-sound wooden construction designed by award-winning Latvian architects MADE arhitekti. Local timber will be used throughout to highlight the profundity of a simple, renewable technological solution - the future of sustainable construction trends. The pavilion’s spacious; open-plan ground floor will house the tree’s roots, with the branches and foliage of the upper floor business area providing natural shade. 

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