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Milan Expo 2015: Romania

Order of Architects of Romania (OAR)

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Milan Expo 2015: Romania

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Milan Expo 2015

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The pavilion, designed by SC Artline SRL and SC Adest Architecture SRL, is a modern make of a traditional house commonly seen by the Danube River. The roof is made of local reeds found in Romania, whereas the façade is a colletin of wooden slats that are supposed to look like a pan flute. Inside, visitors are encouraged to learn about culture within the two-story space. 

Project Description


Theme: "Living with Nature"

In keeping with the theme of Expo Milano 2015, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Romania offers visitors an intricate view of its Country’s characteristics, its resources and its potential. The goal is to share the essence of the Romanian spirit and the coexistence of biodiversity, agricultural potential, traditional practices, folklore, and hospitality.
The key message that Romania wishes to spread at Expo Milano 2015 is that Romania is a country living in harmony with nature, where traditions blend with modernity, offering the world accessible food resources that are affordable, sustainable, reliable and able to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The Design of the Pavillion
The Romanian pavilion is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional village house situated on the delta of the Danube, where visitors are invited to discover the Country’s rich culture, its natural food resources, and itsecological solutions adopted to promote sustainable development. It has been designed to provide a uniqueexperience that is finely attuned to the micro-universe of Romania, gradually revealed over the course of the visit.
The Pavilion, which occupies a total space of 887 square meters, is structured on two levels: the ground floor, apresent-day interpretation of the richness and variety of the natural resources of Romania, and the first floor, dedicated to tradition, represented by a typical Romanian house with a roof made of reeds. A wooden palisade, which resembles a large pan flute containing the word "Romania", marks the main entrance.
The exhibitions are grouped in eight areas. On the ground floor "Biodiversity", "Culture and Green Energy", "Fruit and Vegetables", "Culture and Tradition", "Culinary Arts" and on the first floor, "Garden", "House" (where the restaurant is situated) and "Porch."
These areas represent - beyond a relationship with nature - the symbol of the "Romanian village," which has the ability to revive and restore its values through tourism, agriculture, ecological produce and Romanian cuisine. The restaurant offers dishes and produce from different parts of the Country, presenting the uniqueness of each region. The unifying symbol of this experience is Lia (Ciocârlia), the Romanian folklore character who, played by actors or represented by a hologram, spreads the bright message of Romania, of a fusion of tradition and modernity living in harmony with nature.
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