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Milan Expo 2015: Turkmenistan

Tilke Engineers and Architects

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Turkmenistan

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Year Completed



1,500 sq. meters


  • Client: Gesscon


Milan Expo 2015

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This 1,500-square-meter pavilion by Tilke Engineers and Architects showcases the country's traditional handcrafted carpets both inside as display items and as part of its exterior design. A traditional yurt-style lodging tops the structure while its three-story interior references the white marble buildings for which the country's capital, Ashgabat, is known.

Project Description


Theme: Water is Life

The Concept
Turkmenistan is the birthplace of the ancient civilizations that left a legacy of unique cultural heritage to humanity. This region was called the “crossroads of the seven roads of the world” because it was crossed by the Great Silk Road. In this tradition, Turkmenistan is very rich in natural, biological and cultural resources. Actually Turkmenistan is one of the worlds fastest economically growing nations and in recent years has developed a large investment program in its infrastructure and its agriculture production. In the production of food, the future focus is on sustainability, environmental conservation and water consumption. The world famous melons named “Waharman” of Turkmenistan are one of the agricultural products exported in addition to other products in the food industry.

The Pavilion Design
The Pavilion displays traditional as well as modern symbols of Turkmenistan. At the entrance of the white pavilion, there is a water fountain with a horses head of the oldest known horse breed in the world, the “Ahal-Tekke horse”. Over the main entrance there is a wooden structure of a traditional Turkmen yurt and a large LED carpet which offers a glimpse of the most beautiful hand-made turkmen carpets. The three drops of water at the entrance and the large LED water drops measuring approximately 250 square meters on the side of the pavilion with the long waterfall behind it are certain to invite visitors to take some memorable photos. Inside the solid construction, following the example of the white capital Ashgabat, three exciting levels are waiting to be explored. There, you will find the theme of quality food production, biodiversity and health, even huge hand made carpets, a water feature with projection, a 5D cinema and a genuine traditional yurt on the rooftop. The restaurant on the ground floor and the cafe on the rooftop will invite visitors to taste and feast on traditional Turkmen dishes.
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