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Milan Expo 2015: Word of Spices Cluster

Politecnico di Milano

Project Name

Milan Expo 2015: Word of Spices Cluster

Project Status


Year Completed



3,702 sq. meters


  • National Institute of Design di Ahmedabad
  • Development of Content: Università IUAV of Venice
  • Scientific Adviser and Project Coordinator: Benno Albrecht
  • Concept and Exhibition Layout: Michele Brunello, Pierluigi Salvadeo, Corrado Longa, and Silvia Bertolotti


Milan Expo 2015

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Representing the cultivation, preparation, and use of spices globally, this cluster gives users a taste of the substances in cooking as well as a look at how they have been used globally as medicine and in cultural rituals. A central path through the site is flanked by pavilions representing the four participating countries and with imagery representing the rich colors and textures of the spices and their region of origin.

Project Description


The Cluster will offer visitors the experience of a journey in the contemporary world of spices. The experiential zones offering tastings, installations, technological supports and events will explain how the various cultures cultivate, prepare and use spices in the kitchen, in medicine and in social-cultural rituals. A central path will present on both sides national pavilions enveloped in the sensorial and interactive zones creating an infinite mix of experiences. 

The Universities that collaborated with the Politecnico of Milano in designing the concept are the National Institute of Design di Ahmedabad (India) and Università IUAV of Venice.

Countries belonging to the this cluster.
- Afghanistan
- Brunei Darussalam
- Tanzania
- Vanuatu
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