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Mobile Library


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Mobile Library

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Seoul City

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General concept
'Mobile Library' project is commissioned by Seoul Innovation Park and Seoul city. 100,000m2 site was occupied by Ministry of food and drug safety for last 60 years and the intension of the project is to revitalize and open the gate to the public for its first time. Currently, number of social companies and startups are gathered and occupied to solve social issues of Seoul. The Seoul city governments decided to open up the complex to vitalize natural interaction between the tenants and citizens.
The key concept of the project derived from the logo 'cube' of Seoul Innovation Park. The cube is one of the most basic geometry, but yet, it creates dynamic manifold with small changes. 

Each Pavilions named after its externally exposed cladding characters, such as pipe, mirage, block attached and membrane pavilion. The very basic shape cubes are experimented and developed with various colors, finishing material and positioning angle etc. The membrane pavilion, on the other hand, is curvilinear shaped, which creates a strong contrast to the others but still stays in harmony with the surrounding of Seoul Innovation Park.

Block attached Pavilion
The block attached pavilion can be described as a parasitic pavilion. By being parasitic to an old existing building, it revitalizes and gives attention to the public. The name of the existing building is 'Miraechung', and currently largest facility building of the site. It visually overwhelms and not yet friendly to users by its incongruous 6 storey high volume. The pavilion attaches to the building in a tilted angle, which breaks the huge volume into a human scale. The brick wall of Miraechung can be seen from inside and used as the main exhibition wall. This pavilion is intended for library, exhibition area, meeting area, and others.

Pipe Pavilion 
The most unique feature of the pipe pavilion is the vertical stripes of exterior material. The scaffolding tubes, which are often used at construction sites, are colored and attached. The concept was inspired from vertical tree trunks inside the park. Through the bright colored pipes, it brightens and vitalize the surrounding. From inside, the colored pipes and surrounding environments are well mixed it still gives protected atmosphere.

Mirage Pavilion
Mirage Pavilion broods and reflects the surrounded nature on the curved stainless steel panel. Juxtaposed objects reflects but the surface translates the images to a wavy pattern like painting. By reflecting surrounding, the pavilion absorbs and enriches the scenery to a mirage. Inside the pavilion, the visitors can experience a sense of the forest. The authentic tree trunks serve as seats and bookshelves. An old pine tree can be observed from inside through the transparent glass ceiling.

Membrane Pavilion
The membrane pavilion was, originally, designed as a luxury glamping tents but then modified and implemented for the public mobile library project. The original concept was inspired from a flower bud, which grows on the surface of the rock. The curvilinear structures express traditional lyricism and dynamism of modern Korea. The pavilion gives aesthetic emergence as a sculpture during the day, while lightens around at night time like a lantern. 
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