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Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Arthur Erickson

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Museum of Anthropology at UBC


University of British Columbia

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The Museum, located on a very impressive campus site overlooking the Strait of Georgia and the North Shore Mountains, has both academic and public functions. Among its unique features is the visible storage of all artifacts. This eliminates the need to rotate collections from public display to private storage. It also recreates First Nation villages around a pond on the Museum site including vegetation consistent with their original locale.

The focal point of the Museum is the high ceiling Great Hall housing massive totem poles. Large glass windows, towering up to forty feet in height, provide an unobstructed view and enable the totem poles to be seen in daylight against a natural exterior setting. The rest of the galleries house collections of First Nations art and other tribal art. An experimental gallery is provided for travelling and student exhibits and for display experiments.

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