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Music Pavilion Bad Ischl

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Music Pavilion Bad Ischl

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June 2015. This year's Upper Austrian Garden Show in Bad Ischl goes under the motto "The Emperor’s New Gardens". Also the music pavilion inaugurated in May presents itself in a brand new outfit planned by the TWO IN A BOX architects (Ottensheim, Upper Austria). Having won a competition in 2013 and following a brief, intense planning phase, the Music Pavilion was erected in the summer of 2014 on the premises of the Spa Gardens (Kurpark) in the imperial city. For years both general managers Christian Stummer and Andreas Fiereder have been dealing with aspects of modern timber construction and all the efforts have paid off resulting in this extraordinary project.

Indisputable are the aspects quality of life and sustainability when using wood for construction. "Smaller construction projects made from renewable wood require exceptionally intense studies of detail design", says Andreas Fiereder. "It doesn't always have to be only glass and concrete. The Music Pavilion shows us the compatibility between individuality, design and ecology. This is demonstrated by the use of approx. 70m3 domestic renewable wood. In this project importance was attached to combining design and architecture and we succeeded in doing so due to the very precise detail execution performed by a local building firm."

Architectural details on the Music Pavilion: The basic elliptical shape of the pavilion results from the urban planning situation of the Spa Gardens and blends in harmoniously with the surroundings. The artist's entrance consists of a second ellipse connected tangentially to the main ellipse. In order to achieve the most favorable sound propagation conditions, a roof shape that inclines to the rear was selected for the main roof which further underscores the dynamic shape of the construction.

The organic shape required a very puristic approach with regard to materials and construction. Taking into account the surrounding environment, the Music Pavilion was finally designed as a wooden construction made from silver fir placed on a virtually invisible concrete base. The base practically disappears in the shadow of the wooden construction and thereby allows the pavilion to float above the gravel enhancing the airy appearance of the design.
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