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Over the past 25 years, the rate of homelessness in Denver, Colorado has increased by 600%. The number of available sheltered beds, on the other hand, has remained nearly stagnant. This discrepancy has led to dramatic overcrowding on the streets and the city’s limited shelters. In addition, a 2013 “camping ban” within Denver’s city limits has forced individuals and families to sleep in unsafe and poorly lit areas of the city.

In an effort to solve the homeless challenge of finding safe rest, our design solution takes advantage of both the daytime need for parking and the nighttime need for shelter. N[stall] is a modular solution that harnesses Denver’s existing urban infrastructure to provide an easily accessible, integrated, and secure place to sleep. Through the sponsorship of a temporary shelter in an existing parking garage, the Denver community can provide refuge for an individual or family in need and let one community help another.
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