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Nathalie Mauclair Gymnasium


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Nathalie Mauclair Gymnasium

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9,256 sq. feet

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Town of Champagné


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In June 2013, the town of Champagné launched a consultation on building a Multisports Hall for use by elementary schools and sports associations. This operation was part of a desire to offer a wider range of sporting activities, and to relieve pressure from the Jean Rondeau gymnasium which was built in the 1980s.

The proposed sporting activities are: basketball, badminton, table tennis, handball, taekwondo and volleyball. In the interests of economy of construction, the city wanted the new sports hall and the Jean Rondeau gymnasium to be joined together to share technical facilities, cloakrooms and equipment.

This coherent whole is obtained by achieving continuity in height and a refined connection between the existing gymnasium and Multisports Hall. In order to contrast with the opaque, sequenced look of the Jean Rondeau gymnasium, the new project is imagined as a gentle continuity of it.

The refined and crystalline hall space emerges from a low register that integrates the secondary premises and aligns at the high level of the galleries of the Jean Rondeau gymnasium.

The roof of this link is made accessible, and is imagined as an external meeting place common to both buildings.

The lobby, with its glass facade is clearly identifiable. It is preceded by a porch in direct relation to the "Esplanade de la Liberté" which marks the transition between the gymnasium and the new Hall. The lobby is a unifying space in a visual and functional relationship with the existing gym, multi-sports hall and locker area.

The glulam structure gives the Multisports Hall a warm ambience. Vertical beams extend to the ceiling by the laying of wooden trim of the same of material, which is attached to the rafters. The north side, being very open, allows one to enjoy a diffuse light throughout the day. The placement of clear glass in the lower part allows a visual relationship with the sports field. At the south facade, the base is made opaque to avoid glare problems for players. Polycarbonate facades are treated with an anti-glare matte finish for an even luminosity.

The polycarbonate facade turns western facade in order to ensure continuity of the space and to avoid the appearance of a gable wall for the houses nearby. At the eastern facade of the hall, a glazed frame is integrated with polycarbonate panels to create a visual relationship between the gym and designed terrace.

The furniture inside was made to measure by SCHEMAA for overall consistency: In the locker area: painted lockers, bench, swivel partitions and doors in pressed themo-lacquered grating. In the multi-sports hall: a painted bench.
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