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National Cancer Center

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Symone Garvett

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National Cancer Center

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Concept Proposal


600,000 sq. feet


Clinicas Oncologicas Integradas


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Project Description


The mixed-use project, with a Cancer Hospital at its center, balances business and social agendas.

Initially the project was envisioned as a private hospital serving patients that can afford a high quality of health care. The preliminary feasibility study showed that the price of the land was prohibitively high. Faced with unanticipated costs the client considered abandoning the project.

We proposed an alternative project model to the client, one based on a private-public partnership. The project would expand and become a mixed-use complex jointly owned by the socially-minded city government and private investors. It would include a cancer hospital, public parking, housing for low income families, amenities such as shops, gardens and recreation. In addition, an adult education center would provide training for the hospital staff.

The cost of land and availability of suitable sites in the city demanded a dense, vertically-organized complex. The building section shows how living quarters and public amenities are woven into the structure, never interfering with the hospital operations. Formally the center resembles the character of the city which is defined by the favelas perched on the hills, overlooking city skyscrapers beneath.

At the time of design, the client had a budget and real intention to build this project. The center is currently on hold due to the economic conditions in Brazil, but not cancelled.
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