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National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre (Allied Works)

Allied Works Architecture

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Chelsea Blahut

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National Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre (Allied Works)


Project Status

Concept Proposal


United Kingdom Holocaust Memorial


  • Arup
  • Robert Montgomery
  • The Olin Studio
  • The Olin Studio
  • Allied Info Works
  • Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture
  • PFB Construction Management Services Ltd
  • BuroHappold
  • Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners

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Project Description


We stand at a moment of transition – a time when those who lived through the Holocaust and witnessed the atrocities first-hand will no longer be present to provide testimony. Our proposal for the memorial is not an object, but the creation of a sacred space to serve the voices of survivors. It rises from the grounds of Victoria Tower Gardens, woven into the daily life of London. Folding back like a prayer shawl, it holds visitors in an embrace with the spoken word while framing a view to Parliament, underlining our shared accountability. Marked with a poet’s blessing, the Memorial and Learning Centre provide a place where all may come to hear the voice of our shared humanity and be inspired to take action against those who would deny it. It is a place to gather, listen, learn and remember – a space for Britain and the entire world.
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