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Niemeyer Way

Oscar Niemeyer

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Niemeyer Way

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"These are the drafts of the buildings that would be constructed in the Sea Square. The idea is for the first time, create a true collaboration between architecture and plastic arts.To this end, in all buildings, murals and sculptures would be provided. A different initiative, which would mark the innovative spirit of enterprise.When starting the works also initiate studies for the great works of art planned, all on a scale that only the Renaissance adopted.And the architectural finishes would be simple and repeated. exposed concrete, tinted windows, all so simple that it better would value the great murals imagined. "


"When I saw this photo, I will be like beautiful the entrance of the square, as the shapes that make up the set created the sought monumentality. And I continued to examine the general plan adopted in this project, seeing, satisfied, be one of the best sets that this genre designed. And then I called the Mayor, warning that I would set up an office in the work, as the interest for her come to feel.The construction of this set is not finished, and the most caring think complete it.In addition to the People's Theatre, the project provides for the Memorial Roberto Silveira, the headquarters of the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, the tower with the restaurant, built 50 m high, will achieve a fantastic view of the Guanabara Bay, the large circular building designed to fairs (convention center). Are still of the joint works of art, such as sculpture "Torture never" designed by me, and away amis 100 m of the set, in the ocean, a floating chapel. "

Teatro Popular

"Access to this theater is done by a large ramp, which like a walk in architecture, will show visitors a new and surprising way that it presents. In the audience expected to 500, the bottom wall of the stage can open- entirely, allowing the curtain can be seen from the outside, more than 10,000 people.Our concern connecting the architecture to the arts prevailed in this project. In the lobby is a huge sketch showing the people to speak out in defense of their rights so often forgotten.Externally, the main façade are women dancing, cheerful, on the yellow tiles. "

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

"The corresponding building Oscar Niemeyer Museum is half-buried. Standing out in the set for its surprisingly, it houses all the architect of the acquis.At the top level, we were provided for three classrooms, the space reserved for administration and an auditorium for 100 people.On the ground floor of the dome, the exhibits are located - including bathrooms and bar - and a mezzanine also for the exposure; this is the main access made by a winding ramp out of the square. "
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