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Now That You Know

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Now That You Know

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Student Work

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  • Timothy Ong



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This student project was completed in Graphic Novels/Novel Architecture, a studio course at Kent State University's College of Architecture & Environmental Design which won a 2016 ARCHITECT Studio Prize.

Project Description


Now that you know is the story of a boy and his T-square friend. He chooses daily to use the T-square for work, bringing it everywhere he goes. However, the T-square becomes more burdensome to him than a help for work, presenting him daunting tasks that require immense energy and time. It seems to the boy that he is now a small shadow, in comparison to the T-square. "Do you still love me, now that you know me?" asks the T-square. The boy ponders, "Why is it that I care? Why is it that I see myself implicated to you despite all I dread about you?" The answer lies in a voice outside his own. He looks around and sees the words, "I know you, and I love you." "Lets get to work," the boy responds.
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